• Dasha Betts
    Visual Arts Teacher / Classroom Support Teacher

    Dasha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Teaching, Department of Romance Languages from Voronezh State University – Voronezh, Russia, and Masters of Science in Education: MTL and Applied Literacy from the University of Southern Maine, ETEP/ Extended Teacher Education Program. She is a K-12 certified teacher through the State of Maine. In addition to her Maine teaching certification, Dasha holds a DALF diploma, (Diplôme Approfondi de la Langue Française), Advanced French Language Diploma, certified by the French Ministry of Education. Dasha’s teaching experience is extensive and varied, having taught French as an intern at Freeport High School and as a full time teacher at Boothbay High School in Maine, as well as teaching both English and French in many situations in Russia. Dasha is a talented artist and holds an Honor Certificate from the Voronezh Youth Fine Arts School.

  • Julie Bouyer
    Classroom Teacher

    Julie Bouyer originally comes from the north of France but spent little time there; she grew up in the Alps. Julie studied at the University of Human Sciences in Montpellier, France where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in history. She then returned to her place of origin in the north of France to successfully pursue her teaching certification in Lilles. Julie began her teaching career in Venezuela at the Lycée Français de Caracas where she taught first grade for three years. She then traveled for two years from San Francisco to Panama. During her journey and through the various visits and stops she made along the way in her small truck, she brought along circus activities and a collection of French-Spanish books. Julie then returned to France for a year to put into practice all of the things she had learned during her voyage to enrich her teaching practices with, among other skills, the art of the circus and her love of literature. Her curiosity towards other cultures then drew her again to a new destination, this time to the Lycée Français Paul Gauguin of Panama City, where she put her experience to work in Early Childhood, continuing to grow as a teacher though the multilingual classroom experience. Julie’s travels demonstrate her desire to discover new cultures and her interest in the exchange of ideas. She loves children’s literature, history, and books of all genres. She enjoys the circus arts and winter sports! She is thrilled to join the team of L’Ecole Française du Maine, to discover this new locale and to become acquainted with the people of Maine.

  • Sylvine Brun
    Classroom Teacher

    Sylvine Brun was born in Lyon and grew up in the Massif Central, a volcanic region of central France. She holds a Master’s Degree in Modern Literature from Lumière University of Lyon. Sylvine earned her elementary teaching certification from the French Ministry of Education in 1999. She taught third grade in Lyon, France and then went on to teach grades 4 and 5 in Dakar, Senegal for three years. Sylvine returned to Lyon to enrich her studies even further by pursuing another degree in Teaching French as a Second Language. She settled into the Loire Valley where she and her husband began a family. This professional path allowed Sylvine to teach all elementary grade levels and to adapt her teaching style to meet the needs of each school and individual student. Sylvine has practiced many types of dance, staring out with 10 years of ballet at the National Conservatory, and expanding her love of dance to discover African dance and Flamenco. Sylvine also studied piano and is learning to play the accordion. She enjoys reading, cinema, and walking in nature.