Visual Arts

Our school views the arts as a fundamental part of cultural and language education. Integrated with the curriculum, visual arts projects and techniques are discovered in concert with what are typically seen as academic subjects.

In the elementary years, our goals are for the children to be capable of expression through a variety of techniques in drawing, as well as in other two- and three-dimensional media. They learn the experience of creating, reflecting upon others’ images, exploring the differences and similarities between works, and discussing their personal point of view.

We teach skills such as choosing and mixing materials, mediums and subjects, utilizing the tools available, and synthesizing instructions with personal methods. To put techniques in a historical context, we investigate great works through trips to museums, visiting artists and events in the arts world. We teach the children to look for commonalities and differences between the practical experiences of the classroom and the varied approaches of artists.

Latest Blog: Visual Arts

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    January 8, 2018
    Don't forget to check out the awesome art from the CM1/CM2/6ieme class.  Incredible!
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