100th Day of School Celebration!

Last week marked the 100th day of school at EFDM. Better yet, it was the 18th 100th day of school celebration and if you really like data like we do, it was the 1800th day of school at EFDM! 18 years and moving right along!

Students at EFDM commemorated the big milestone with plenty of special activities and projects so let’s give you a quick snapshot:
GS/CP started the day by creating their own crowns, because no party is complete without one! Then, they did many activities centered around the number 100. They also created collections of 100 different objects: pompoms, paper clips, beans, game pieces, pearls, googly eyes, etc. They had to work in teams to build a construction of their choice with 100 pieces of Lego, 100 cups or 100 geometrical shapes. They completed 100 piece puzzles. And finally, they drew 100 funny characters in less than an hour!
Make sure you take a look at their creations and collections on display in the hallway and at the entrance of the classroom.

Finally, the day ended with a group picture with the students of grades 2-3-4, shaping the number 100 of course!