100th day of school celebration!

Every morning, GS-CP count how many days they have been coming to school by adding a coin to their piggy bank. This is a great opportunity to review how to say numbers in French, practice math by making exchanges (10 coins against one bill of 10, and that day, 10 bills of 10 against one of 100), seeing how many tens and units are in a number, and much more.

The special day started with a portrait to remember their 100th day of Kindergarten or First Grade. The rest of the day was filled with fun activities around the number 100. 

Each student created their own crown as they are Kings and Queens of learning. To continue, they wrote how they imagined they would be when they are 100 years old and drew a self-portrait to illustrate their story. They created collections of 100 different objects: pompoms, paper clips, beans, game pieces, pearls, googly eyes, etc. They had different challenges to complete cooperatively: guessing how much of a glass would be filled by 100 drops of water, write (with correct spelling) 100 words independently, build a structure with 100 cups, assemble a 100 piece puzzle, count how many balloons were in the classroom, complete 100 fitness moves (10 jumping jacks, jumping on one foot 10 times…). 

To end the day in color, they created a piece of art made of 100 hand prints. But first, they had to count how many times they would each have to print their hands. 

This was an excellent day and everyone had a whole lot of fun!!!