Painting on Glass

You may have noticed the snow inspired paintings on our windows and doors… This week our Early Childhood students had a terrific time painting on glass in art class.  What …

Rwandan Dance and Music Performance

Last week we enjoyed a performance by the Rwandan music and dance group Ikirenga cy’Intore.  Huge thank you to the Handy family for sponsoring this wonderful event for our community.

Concentric Circles

The GS students have been working on concentric circles.  Check out these beautiful works of art inspired by the work of R. Delaunay.

Stonehenge Project

The CE1/CE2/CM1 students are learning about the prehistoric period in art class, specifically the megalithic structures that are made of several stones.   In some areas, long and complex alignments of …

Pumpking Art

Look how much fun the Early Childhood classroom is having making pumpkin inspired art!

Initial Artwork

Our Early Childhood students are having a lot of fun working on their initials.  This project focused on the first letter of their name as well as vertical lines.