Mixing Colors

Our Early Childhood students had a lot of fun learning about the primary colors and then mixing paint!

Pumpking Art

Look how much fun the Early Childhood classroom is having making pumpkin inspired art!

May Birthday Cake

Early Childhood students enjoyed making a chocolate butterfly cake to celebrate May birthdays. It was delicious! Yum!

Early Childhood Spring Walk

Early Childhood students enjoyed a lovely walk in the field.  Students observed birds, butterflies, a chipmunk and lots of beautiful flowers, plants and more!  What perfect weather they had!

Dans la cour de l’école

Students in the Early Childhood classroom have recently started a new art project based on the book ‘Dans la tour de l’école (In the Schoolyard) by Christopher Loupy.

Wolf, Wolf, Are you there?

This month for our recipe day, Early Childhood made salt dough! After that students sculpted their first 3D project by making pigs based on the story we’re reading in class, Wolf, Wolf, …

Snow Art!

To follow our marble cake cooking day, the students combined science with art and made marbled snow-painted paper. Pre-k ripped up colored tissue paper and placed it on sheets of …

Winter Walk

Earlier this week, the Maternelle enjoyed a wonderful winter walk to see all the changes that happened with the landscape this season.  Students observed plants, animals and their tracks, objects …

Afternoon games

There is nothing better than some relaxing independent work in the afternoon after nap time!