Tiles, tiles, tiles!

The GS/CP students love working with tiles to enhance their mathematical thinking!


The GS/CP classroom is having a lot of fun learning about air in science class.  Check out this fun project!

Friendship bracelets

The GS/CP classroom made friendship bracelets last week as a reward for filling another pom pom jar!  Bravo!

Pirate Fun!

In sports, GS-CP have been playing a fun pirates’ game. Children are all members of the pirate’s crew. They have to follow the pirate’s orders: run to the ship or …

Monarch Butterflies

Students in Kindergarten and the 1st Grade classroom have been studying the lifecycle of the monarch butterfly. They have learned about eggs, caterpillars, chrysalides, butterflies etc.  They also conducted an …

Making Bridges

Students in the K/1 classroom had an exciting task: to make bridges over rivers that had to be high enough so that teachers could pass a hand under.  The bridges …