Geology ROCKS!

Sophie found an amazing 
green tourmaline!
The 3rd and 4th grade took their science class on the road. As part of their physical science curriculum they are studying rocks and minerals. They traveled to Oxford County near the most famous mine of Maine: Mt. Mica of Paris, Maine.
(Yes, Paris of all places!) 
This mine has yielded the most beautiful green tourmaline specimens in the world! The mine is still active so the children could not enter the quarry. Instead, they went to Dig Maine Gems, who brings rocks and sand from the mine to a safe location. They have all of the equipment on site, including tools, tables and water, so the “Little Gelolgists” can sort through it to search for gems. They had great luck and so much fun! Following their hard work, they did visit a nearby inactive quarry site for a little field exploration and a nice picnic lunch. 
Our Head of School, Willy, a lifelong geology buff, is always looking for an opportunity to go dig in the dirt. He was so impressed by the level of interest and depth of questions the students displayed on this trip and he was happy to lead the expedition.