The GS/CP Students just finished a unit on Portraits.
First, they discovered Jean Dubuffet and the ART BRUT movement. Their first portrait was inspired by an American artist from that movement, Ted Gordon.
They only used pencils and black markers on paper for that project. They learned to divide their sheet of paper into different parts to place the eyes, nose and mouth on the shape of the face.

Their second portrait was inspired by Paul Klee‘s Head of a man and Buste d’enfant.
They used paint to create colorful pieces of art.

Then, they learned about Pop Art and used their observations to transform their own photo into “PoTraits”.

Finally, they discovered another French artist, who was a friend of Jean Dubuffet, Eric Straw. He creates masks using cardboard. Which is what they also did.

All their beautiful artwork is on display in the school hallway. Everyone had a lot of fun!