Alex Silver

Willy LeBihan

Alex recently completed an AmeriCorps volunteer term at an elementary school in Portland, focusing on supporting English language learners and students navigating hybrid classes during the pandemic. Previously he taught in Orléans in the Teaching Assistant Program in France, administered by the French Ministry of Education. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan in environmental studies and philosophy. His interest in philosophy has endured to include recent coursework at Michigan, UCLA, and McGill University, where he also pursued intensive French immersion. An ardent traveler, Alex has lived in Michigan, Washington, New Mexico, Quebec, France, and now Maine. As a result of multiple highly rewarding teaching experiences, he is now working in education and aspiring to study pedagogy for certification in elementary education. In addition to environmental and educational occupations, Alex is a songwriter and musician with strong interests in visual art, contemporary and modern philosophy, film, and psychology. He enjoys spending time in the natural world, whether hiking or wandering spontaneously with friends—and exploring with intimacy the various places he has called home.