Elodie Chancelier

Willy LeBihan

Elodie first joined the faculty of L’Ecole Française du Maine in 2005. She was born and grew up in the Loire Valley of France where she studied in Tours and she earned her Master’s Degree in Applied Foreign Languages (English and German). Elodie also holds a diploma to teach French as a Foreign Language. She has always been very interested in learning about different cultures, which lead her to study in Scotland, travel extensively and live abroad. Curiosity about other cultures and the desire to teach French eventually lead Elodie to L’École Française du Maine where she could combine her skills as a classroom teacher with her specialized training in teaching French as a Foreign language. She loved working at L’Ecole Française du Maine for seven years, and then eventually moved back to France to earn a Master’s Degree in Education specialized in Early Childhood, as well as a pre-k to grade 5 teaching certification from the French Ministry of Education. She then worked in French public schools where she taught all primary school grade levels for three years. Missing Maine and L’Ecole Française, she returned to EFDM in 2017 and has been very excited to be back teaching here ever since! In her free time, Elodie enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling.