Molly Doccola

Willy LeBihan

Molly Doccola is a New Hampshire native who moved to Maine as a USM student. While taking French classes at USM, she found her way to L’Ecole Francaise du Maine during the COVID pandemic during a leave of absence from her university studies, desiring to continue her French education, and has always had a passion for working with children. Having now been the adored assistant teacher in the Petite Section classroom for the past few school years and during summer camps, Molly seeks to grow within the field of early childhood education and is currently pursuing college credits toward this end. While growing up, Molly would take family trips to Quebec at least once a year with family, which sparked her initial interest in the beautiful language of French. We are so happy to have Molly as a solid, reliable, and fun-loving member of our team at EFDM!