Victorien Rami

Willy LeBihan

Victorien joined the faculty of L’Ecole Française du Maine in 2017 and has been teaching Preschool and Kindergarten ever since. He is also the School’s Curriculum Coordinator, serving as a mentor for the faculty and ensuring school-wide cohesion and adherence to the expectations of the French curriculum. Victorien grew up in the Loire Valley where he graduated from a bilingual program in high school and then obtained a University degree in Law. He has always been interested in arts and music and he obtained local prizes in traverse flute and chamber music. During his studies, he taught in several music schools. This interest in arts lead Victorien to study Art History and he obtained a Master’s Degree specialized in Asian Arts. He then worked in the art business in Paris for several years where he completed his training by taking classes in an Academy for Computer-Assisted Graphic Arts. Victorien always loved being able to pass knowledge on to others, and after working in the art market, he turned himself towards teaching. Victorien pursued a Master’s Degree in Education, specialized in Early Childhood, and became a certified teacher for the French Ministry of Education. Since then he always taught in French preschool classes and has been a teaching Director in France and at EFDM. Thanks to his companion in life, Elodie, Victorien discovered l’Ecole Française du Maine. For a long time, he wanted to experience life in a different country and he loves working in an immersion school in Maine. In addition to playing music, Victorien enjoys scuba diving, martial arts and is passionate about origami.