Thanksgiving Basket Drive

Each year EFDM collects ingredients for Thanksgiving baskets that will be donated to the Freeport Community Center. This tradition is so very appreciated by the Community Center as the need is great; they depend on our baskets each year. We put together an entire Thanksgiving meal for a family in each basket. Let’s see if we can break our record this year! 

Your support is needed to prepare our annual Thanksgiving Baskets for the Freeport Community Center.  Please help those in need who are a part of our Freeport community.

If you would like to contribute, here is a list of items that the Community Center has requested:

Canned vegetables (carrots, green beans, peas, corn, etc.)

Potato flakes 
Stuffing mix
Cranberry sauce
Pie crust
Pie filling
Large roasting pans
$10 Shaw’s gift cards (for turkeys)
(No perishables please, and any items that are not on the list will be donated to the Freeport Community Center.)

Soon a table will be set up in the hallway so you can donate these items.  (Giftcards should go to the office for safe keeping.) 

Meredith Harrell, proud parent of Cameron in CM1, is overseeing this great event. 
Merci Meredith!