What’s next after L’Ecole Francaise du Maine?

What’s next?
The question then becomes: “Where do they go from here and how can they maintain their French beyond their time at L’Ecole?” 
That is where our DELF program comes in, providing our students, with their advanced abilities in French, to continue speaking and writing French, to continue to progress, at their level, something not available elsewhere in the area. Our DELF certified staff guide the students through the achievement of diplomas issued by The French Ministry of Education. EFDM has also become an official testing Center for DELF, alleviating the previous need to travel to Boston to take the DELF exams. Our program is the only accredited DELF program north of Boston!

For more information on our DELF Program, please contact Laura Piehl at: DELF@frenchschool.me