As a non-profit organization, we rely on parents, donors, volunteers, and various grants to keep our school thriving. There are several ways you can make a difference in our community—and whether you’re contributing time or money, you can be sure that what you put into our school stays in our school. You can also be sure that L’Ecole Française du Maine gives back.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

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L’Ecole Française du Maine leases a school building from the Town of Freeport, and we make it our mission to return the generous support we’ve received from the local community. First, we completely renovated the old school and saved the historic building from probable demolition. We then landscaped the grounds and updated the playground, and we extend this park to the local community during non-school hours. We also make our building available for town meetings and community events.

To further give back to the communities and organizations that support and surround us, our students give choral and Suzuki performances at the Franco Center in Lewiston and the annual Franco-American Day in Augusta. Our school chorus has performed a free concert for the Freeport Elders Association and the school supports the Freeport Community Center each year by providing Thanksgiving baskets to families in the community.

For more information on how we reach out to Freeport and the surrounding community, please contact us.


As parents, we all want to play an active role in our child’s education. At L’Ecole Française du Maine, we recognize and value that parent involvement plays an important role in a child’s educational experience. Due to the unique characteristics of the immersion education, we work at balancing the needs of the total French immersion classroom with the needs and added value of having parents contribute their time and energies to the school. There are many ways in which we welcome your presence and help. Please see your child’s teacher to discuss how you can participate. For example, join us for lunch someday, help on a field trip, garden on the school grounds, mow the lawn (even in the summer!), shovel the walk, be a guest speaker, run errands for the school, and countless other ways… Merci beaucoup.