Halloween Parade

We had a terrific time at our annual Halloween and hope your child did too!  What a treat it was to see our community light up the South Freeport neighborhood.  Many of our students agreed that Halloween was by far the best day of the year.

A heartfelt thank you to
John and Steph Brewer, proud parents of two EFDM graduates, and
Cedric and Emmy Bernard, proud parents of Madeleine and Lucy, for hosting two parade stops during our walk!

The stops were certainly a treat for all to enjoy.  Thank you for making our parade so special!                                                        
Cedric and Emmy Bernard, with Emmy’s Parents.

We are so grateful for our EFDM community.  Thank you to all our parents, teachers, and staff for making our school so wonderful for our students.  We are so grateful for your helping hands, teamwork and enthusiasm.  Merci!