Latest de L’Ecole 01/31/21

With next week the start of February, we encourage current families to be sure to submit their re-enrollment contract for next year before the priority re-enrollment deadline of February 12th. The electronic version of the contract can be found online via the special edition newsletter sent at the start of the new year, or you can always reach out to Emily for the link! Plans for the 2021-2022 school year are well underway, and we are very much looking forward to welcoming this group of resilient, hard-working, and fun-loving students back again!
This week: A new semester of Adult Education will be underway soon, updates and introductions to our aftercare/ floater/ assistant team, as well as another, peek into what’s going on in our English room. We are currently building a waitlist for the skating event on February 5th; those who have already signed up will receive another email with more details and instructions soon. And as usual, read on for some fun updates from each classroom!
As always, please reach out to Emily in the office with any questions: