Latest de l’Ecole 08/27/21


Here we are at the start of another year! Welcome to all new-to-L’Ecole families and to those returning to new classrooms. It’s so fun to see your children grow year after year and to be reminded just how small “les petits” are when they first begin. In a few weeks, we’ll all be accustomed to the new routines, faces, and vocabulary being learned at L’Ecole this year.
This newsletter includes the current 2021 school year COVID protocols, shared in our summer letter, as well as a few updates and reminders about this year’s allergy alerts.
Please be sure to check the schedule to see when you may attend your classroom teacher’s “Back to School” week presentation, a chance for families in each classroom to meet directly with their teacher, ask questions, and get to know one another.
We are planning to host these small gatherings beneath the tent in the backyard of La Maison next door. The date and time of your classroom’s meeting can be found below.
All parents attending must be masked and are asked to utilize the spacious tent and grounds space, spreading out to ensure a safe gathering.
Teachers are making an effort to introduce themselves and connect with all families in the few minutes at drop-off and pick-up, and provide the younger students with time to say goodbye in the mornings: thank you for your patience as these transition times become smoother with each passing day! If after Back to School week you’d still like to chat directly with your child’s teacher, they are always available to schedule either a remote or in-person brief chat.
More notes regarding communication efforts to come will be found here too– another year of artsonia, and soon to come info regarding SeeSawcommunications. And this year’s first peek into every new classroom!
As always, please reach out to Emily in the office with any questions: