Latest de l’Ecole

Thank you to all who participated in the first pooled testing week!
We experienced some peace of mind with only one pool returning positive. We performed follow-up testing to identify the positive and negative individuals within that group. As with this week, any positive pool will undergo follow-up testing to identify positive individuals within that group, who will then begin isolation right away. Please reach out with outstanding questions regarding the pooled testing protocol or procedure! We’ll continue this endeavor every Tuesday throughout the school year to limit the threat of the unknown and keep students safely in school (with follow-up testing taking place on Thursdays). For those curious, we include the percentage of pooled testing participants per classroom below.
There is no school this coming Monday, January 17 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Our Sugarloaf trip on last Friday’s snow day was a hit– thanks to all who made it happen! Ice Arena Fridays will continue throughout the remaining two scheduled sessions this winter. Our playground luge is also in full swing these days; winter is well underway!
Please find more on the current COVID-19 protocol specifics regarding the duration of quarantine (with exemptions), testing requirements, and further information at the bottom of this newsletter.