Latest de l’Ecole 12/10/20

This newsletter again lists the current travel policy for those looking to plan their Winter Break, coming up December 21-Jan 1, with school resuming on Monday, January 4th. Please familiarize yourself with our current protocols in place, and be prepared to note any updates that may come in the weeks ahead. Some revisions have been made, so please read carefully.
Instead of our traditional December School Winter Performance, some classrooms have been very hard at work, putting together virtually enjoyed alternatives to the usual singing and dancing. We’ll be sharing their masterpieces within the next few newsletters! This week: GS & CP, Victorien’s class!
A limited number of spots are still available for our Ice Arena Friday event on Dec. 18th! Sign-up via the link below for an opportunity put together by our own Sadie Pressman to have a little fun and kick off the winter break.
As always, please reach out to Emily in the office with any questions: