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What a jam-packed month ahead before the end of school! Alongside a reminder that the state of Maine pooled testing program is winding down, we have highlighted the COVID protocol moving forward for the final weeks of school. On May 20th, we welcome families to share a story for the IB International Library Reading Day, more information can be found in the article below. Classrooms are practicing for an outdoor school performance to take place on Friday, June 3rd– parents are all invited to attend this event at 2pm. More details to follow when we arrive closer to the date! Last but not least, we are so excited for this year’s Spring Carnival! We look forward to this community event on Saturday, June 4. In order to have a successful event, we need your help! Please consider completing a task for the carnival preparations and implementation. Thanks for helping out! To remember all of these fun times, be sure to place your preorder for a 2021-2022 yearbook! More details for yearbook orders can be found below.

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