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To all of the Moms in our EFDM family and beyond, for the love, sacrifice, devotion, and care that you bring each day to raising your children – even more so in this unusual year – we wish you a well-deserved Happy Mother’s Day!


This Week on Zoom!

As we continue to meet for class on Zoom, EFDM has added new clubs and activities to participate in at home. Please make sure to check your class Padlet at the start of every day to make sure you don’t miss out on the Zoom fun!

Yoga with Emily: Wednesdays
Marie and Victorien’s Classes- 11:30am
ZOOM ID: 858 1069 8160

Elodie and Simon’s Classes -1pm
ZOOM ID: 849 7469 9688

Music Together with Maggie: Tuesdays at 11am
ZOOM ID: 823 9311 5222

Pooh Club with Elise: Mondays and Thursdays at 3 pm
Zoom ID: 614 425 3766
Club Padlet: Pooh Club!

Harry Potter Club with Elise: Tuesdays and Fridays at 3 pm!

Zoom ID: 614 425 3766
Club Padlet: Harry Potter Club!

Daily Story Time!

Monday at 11:30 am with Victorien (early childhood stories)
ZOOM ID: 695 824 092
Tuesday at 11:30 am with Simon (stories for the older students)
ZOOM ID: 653 426 621
Wednesday at 3 pm with Elise (early childhood stories)

Zoom ID: 614 425 3766

Thursday at 11:30 am with Marie (early childhood stories)
ZOOM ID: 330 145 153
Friday at 11:30 am with Elodie (stories for the older students)
ZOOM ID: 404 328 472
Winnie the Pooh? Is that you?

Pooh Club has been having lots of fun listening to the adventures of Pooh Bear and his friend Christopher Robin when all of a sudden, someone joined our Zoom! Winnie the Pooh has joined us twice now and promises to visit again soon! Last time, he showed us his new face mask and told us how he’s staying safe in the Hundred Acre Wood. If you would like to talk with Pooh, please join Pooh Club where you never know when he might join us for some honey 🙂

Counting at Home 🙂

Les petits are working hard on their numbers at home! Wonderful job collecting items for the numéro quatre! Four crayons, four legos, four spoons… Très bien!

Behind the Scenes!
Although you may see each other on Zoom, here are a few backstage photos of our teachers working hard from home.

Simon has an idea for his next dictée perhaps… 😉

Victorien is showing how plants grow!

Starting the Day with Marie

Elodie is preparing something fun for her class to try at home!

Merci les profs pour tout votre travail! We appreciate your efforts very much!

Plongez-vous dans la culture française!
“Immerse yourself in French Culture” is the message from Gaëtan Bruel, the Cultural Counselor of the French Embassy in the United States, and he has put together an extensive selection of online offerings for those of you looking for a bit of an escape from stay at home life. Click here and see the Embassy’s list of links that will transport you to the best of French art, music, dance, film, drama, literature, and virtual reality. The page is continually updated, so check back every so often to see what is new.
La belle langue française!