Latest de l’Ecole 11/22/2020

Thank you for attending parent-teacher conferences last week! We hope having the chance to discuss your child’s progress so far was helpful as we move into the next trimester of school. As a reminder, teachers are always available and willing to have brief outdoor check-ins upon parent request during drop-off or pick-up times.

A review of our updated travel policy in light of the coming holidays and the rise of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Maine is included here again for your review.
Your responses to the following quick survey would greatly help as we continue to develop policies for maintaining the wellness of our community at large through the winter. We ask ALL CURRENT FAMILIES to please take the time to share their holiday plans and answer this survey anonymously.
The CDC strongly suggests staying within your immediate household for the holidays this year. Our updated policy reflects quarantining for 5 days after travel/potential exposure and then testing, only returning to school upon negative COVID-19 test results.
This policy will remain in place past the Thanksgiving holiday for anyone who travels or experiences a potential exposure and will continue to be updated as we approach December’s winter break.
Please be sure to pack hats, mittens, scarves, and a warm winter jacket daily as appropriate for all students. Since we are committed to outdoor time in all weather, it is important to have a raincoat at school. It is time for K and under students to send in a change of extra clothes that reflect the weather: we’ll switch out the back-up shorts and t-shirts for long pants and sweaters. With warm breath in cold weather, students are going through face-mask changes more often. Please be sure to pack extra clean masks for your student each day, and launder used masks daily before returning them to school for next use.
Thank you, and as always, please reach out to Emily in the office with any questions: