Lessons in Equality 06/02/2020

Chers Amis,

L’Ecole Française du Maine stands with everyone facing injustices and is committed to challenging and changing the biases that lead to discrimination. This past week the world was shaken by the senseless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
We share the pain and sadness of this tragedy and recognize the School’s important role in making our world a better place. This starts by teaching peace and kindness at a young age and fostering a new generation of global citizens who value each person equally. We need to teach children to embrace differences and celebrate the beauty of all cultures and backgrounds.

Our mission is “to offer an educational experience entirely in French, instilling in our students a constant curiosity towards foreign languages and the diverse cultures of the world. It’s through this commitment to language and culture that we’re able to provide a diverse, mind-opening educational experience in an atmosphere of understanding and discovery.”

In light of what we witnessed this past week, we feel more committed than ever to that mission. Thank you for joining us in our efforts, together we can make a lasting difference- one child at a time.

Willy LeBihan
Head of School

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