Emily Smith

Willy LeBihan

Emily joined L’Ecole Française du Maine in 2018 to assist the Office Manager part-time and immediately demonstrated a capacity for running an efficient school office. She took on the role of Office Manager soon afterward, and starting in 2020; she will be increasing her responsibilities as Childcare Director and Office Manager. In this role, Emily takes charge of the day-to-day operations, and she is the lead person for all protocols, school records, and school licensing compliance. Her college internships in office management roles at various healthcare and childcare facilities in NYC helped her find employment as Office Manager at local tutoring center Affect Academics, where she continues to gain integral communication and business management skills. Emily is the point person for daily communication; she answers the phone and emails- relaying information between the teachers and families and making connections. She assists with scheduling conflicts, organizing special events & admission inquiries, and she fulfills the vital role of providing a band-aid and a smile when a child gets a boo-boo! It takes an exceptional person to run a school office, and Emily is just that kind of person. The School is excited to see Emily’s role in the school continue to grow: in addition to running the school office, Emily continues to teach Yoga at the school, her passion, and perhaps her secret to running the office so smoothly!