Fabien Sureau

Willy LeBihan

Fabien Sureau, a teacher for the French Ministry of Education AEFE / MENJS since 2009, was born in Nantes, France, and grew up in Guinea, Africa.
In France, his studies took him to the universities of La Rochelle and Poitier, which allowed him to focus on Elementary Education and Physical Education. After earning his teaching certification with the French Ministry of Education in 2009, he taught in several schools in France’s “La Rochelle School District.”  Throughout his teaching career, Fabien has taught every grade level from Kindergarten to 4ième (eighth grade) to various students, some with special needs, and even literacy curriculum to young adults in French Correctional Facilities. Following his dream and passion for traveling and foreign cultures, it was only a matter of time before Fabien set his sights on new horizons beyond France to come and teach in the United States. In 2015, Fabien Sureau developed the skills to teach French to non-French speakers at the French School of Managua, Nicaragua. Then, in 2018 and 2019, he taught 1st and 2nd grade (CP-CE1) at the French International Leadership Academy in Lake Oswego, Portland, Oregon. Fabien is a competitive athlete, trained in various sports such as handball, surfing, hiking, squash, snowboarding, and swimming. In addition, he is a French Volunteer lifesaver assisting search and rescue operations at sea and training future volunteers with their swimming skills in the open ocean. He loves spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and their two young children, future students at l’Ecole Française du Maine. He enjoys cooking and making arts and crafts at home. Fabien is delighted to join a dynamic school and live a new experience in Maine.