Successful Reopening

EFDM reopened on May 20, 2020 with very strict protocols and safety practices in place which were explained in detail in our reopening letter. We were so happy to see our students again! For the students who couldn’t return at this time, we are continuing to offer Zoom lessons as another option for the remainder of this school year.  So much resilience, compassion, and love on the part of the teachers, who have completely rearranged their classrooms to follow the Maine-CDC guidelines.  Many toys, games, educational tools, and books were removed from the shelves so the classroom space could be expanded and easily cleaned regularly during the school day. Windows are open to circulate the air and the spring weather is very agreeable! Also the schedules have been completely readjusted. While zero risk does not exist, we feel confident the school offers a safe environment for our students to catch up on their social and academic skills. What fun to be together again!!
Behind the masks, smiles were abundant and joy accompanied our students during their first day!  Children are resilient and they have already adapted to their new routine.
This reopening of the school provided the pedagogical team and the administration a glimpse at what to expect next year.  This unique experience positions our school to be ready for summer programming and for next year!
Please make sure to read carefully the message about admission and financial aid during cover-19.
Special Presentation on Astronomy and Space from Dr. Post!
Dr. Richard Post did a wonderful presentation for the school via Zoom where he showed the students his observatory in New Mexico. He talked about light pollution and telescopes in space and showed us photos of galaxies and star clusters!

At the end of his presentation, Dr. Post talked about a free website where you can learn more about astronomy, Worldwide Telescope, before answering questions. Everyone was amazed!

Merci Dr. Richard Post! Your presentation was out of this world!

Letters from Hogwarts!
Members in the Harry Potter Club should check the post this week to see if they have received their Hogwarts Letters! Un grand merci to the wizard in the office who found a way to seal the letters with real wax, just like Professor McGonagall!

Teacher Appreciation Week Letters
Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and we wanted to share some of the wonderful cards and drawings our teachers received. We would like to thank all our teachers for the incredible work they have done this year and continue to do every day! Merci les profs!!!

School Sign is Under Construction
Some of you may have noticed that heavy winds in April blew down the school sign…it is getting a complete makeover…please stay tuned!

Mount Mica Mine coming to South Freeport!
As part of their physical science curriculum, our elementary students are studying rocks and minerals. The pandemic may prevent our elementary students from traveling to Oxford County this spring, however, they will still explore the gravel of the most famous mine of Maine: Mt. Mica of Paris; (Yes, Paris of all places!)
Head of School, Willy LeBihan, a lifelong geology buff who is always looking for an opportunity to go dig in the dirt, traveled to Mt. Mica in West Paris, Maine. He collected enough sand and gravel for our students to look for minerals (such as tourmaline, quartz and beryl amongst many)
Last year our little “geologists” had so much fun searching for gems, and some with great luck!

IMPORTANT ==> students staying at home will get some gravel too!

Tick Season Reminder from Lyme TV
May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and tick season is here! LymeTV has conducted in person Tick Talks at the school for awareness and prevention education and most of the children in the school have been exposed to their education program on multiple occasions.
This year however, LymeTV is conducting a live stream education series during Lyme Disease Awareness Month on Saturdays in May at 11am. If you are interested in learning more make sure to check out their livestream and website for more information about tick season and tick bite prevention.
Window to the Past- Just for fun

Who can remember when “ZOOM” looked like this?

Zoom opening credits - Season 2, Cast 2
Zoom opening credits – Season 2, Cast 2

Zoom, (stylized as ZOOM) is a half-hour educational television program, created almost entirely by children, which aired on PBS originally from January 9, 1972, to March 24, 1978. It was originated and produced by WGBH TV in Boston. Inspired by educational shows like Sesame Street and The Electric Company, but designed to give the kids who watched it a voice without adults on screen, it was, for the most part, unscripted. Far from seeking to make stars of the child performers, their contracts prohibited them from making any television appearances or doing commercials for three years after they left the show. Zoom encouraged children to “turn off the TV and do it!”– from Wikipedia

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