Successful Reopening 05/22/2020







EFDM reopened on May 20, 2020, with very strict protocols and safety practices in place which were explained in detail in our reopening letter.

We were so happy to see our students again! For the students who couldn’t return at this time, we are continuing to offer Zoom lessons as another option for the remainder of this school year.  So much resilience, compassion, and love on the part of the teachers, who have completely rearranged their classrooms to follow the Maine-CDC guidelines.  Many toys, games, educational tools, and books were removed from the shelves so the classroom space could be expanded and easily cleaned regularly during the school day. Windows are open to circulate the air and the spring weather is very agreeable! Also, the schedules have been completely readjusted. While zero risk does not exist, we feel confident the school offers a safe environment for our students to catch up on their social and academic skills. What fun to be together again!!

Behind the masks, smiles were abundant and joy accompanied our students during their first day!  Children are resilient and they have already adapted to their new routine.

This reopening of the school provided the pedagogical team and the administration a glimpse at what to expect next year.  This unique experience positions our school to be ready for summer programming and for next year!
Please make sure to read carefully the message about admission and financial aid during cover-19.